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Jul 17, 2011

A love story part 1

Part -1

'Is it possible to love her?' i asked myself.

Reason behind the doubt is her ego, her urge to maintain status. She had better job than me, better job profile means good salary, high status. She believed that status  and money can rule the world.

 When we first met on the railway station(belgaum) , she was searching for a place to lodge her  big burden of luggage's in between usual crowded station.(i quite surprised  that girls carry lot of luggage even though mod girls  wear pants and trousers  instead of age old Saree's , then what the hell that luggage contains? )

I located a place to unload the luggage and introduced myself. She believed that i am trying to impress her that i was not. Slowly through our conversation i come to know that she left one pure job and got high profile job as a manager for some xyz MNC company in Bangalore. I  was not surprised for the reason that most women are good managers and she has MB degree  to her credit. So she can manage anything easily.

She had wonderful communication skills, certainly she must  have it. Since every mnc company coming in market  want to negotiate their clients.

But for mechanical BE graduate like me, talking with lathes, drills,machines is better than indulging in marketing like conversation with clients.From my past experiences of  work, i totally believed that communication skill is just to hide the truth, convincing client that our product is better than everything, even though we know the disabilities in product itself. When next time customer approaches for service we could blame that product is not maintained by  customer properly , why cant u read the manual likewise upon customers.

I really surprised that everyone getting products are well educated , but they really fail in simple science and maths regarding products. When they approach service station we give them very diplomatic answer about the silly problem as big headache and our communication skills help their to make them believe that its large headache worth of thousands to repair.

I shared my experience about management( i worked as a management trainee for a consumer product  service for few months before i joined  core job) to her. After hearing this she started nonstop lecture on management, which made me crazy like anything. Unfortunately our trains go delayed further increasing my worries. After listening to her lecture, i could feel the status of client after hearing this young lady.

I needed a break and that comes in form of a train roaring sound. She left to her compartment and i as pure fellow saved her nearly 100 bucks of carrying luggage.  She thought myself to be a management trainee working in some  good company and gave her contact information.

The funny thing that i had left the job of management and working as a engineer in my friend’s company come workshop. Even though the pay scale is moderate i really enjoyed my work.

She is medium height about 24 year old (three years younger than me), had curly long hairs,medium figure but she told that soon to make it zero. She looked great in that white t-shirt and black jeans.

As her train departed, my train arrived and i am there to welcome my parents. My parents were busy these days finding a bride for me. I could have told about this girl called kalpana whom i met prior to their arrival , but kept quite. I had feelings about her , confused ones. I thought let me make it clear about her and then inform parents.

There is no objection from my family side to love marriage, since they believed me and supported all my odd decisions. Decision to quit my high profile job to get core one, decision to carry out mountaineering, rock climbing even after a serious ankle fracture, and so on.